Investment Approach

SCM’s investment approach defines the kind of advisor we are and, most importantly, how we manage your money. The way we design, construct, implement and manage your assets is built around this approach. This section is a statement of our approach.


Deliver a fruitful, ‘user friendly’ investment experience for all client types

  • develop individualized, client-based strategies
  • clearly explain its elements to the client
  • efficiently execute these strategies with traditional stock and bonds

Our investment approach can be divided into its components, described below. For a closer look, click on the link at the end of each topic.

Features and Benefitsinvestment approach 600

  • Fee Only Advice
  • Highest Professional Standard
  • Personal Objectives Based Process
  • Comprehensive Research
  • Ongoing Professional Financial Advice
  • Third Party Held Assets

To found out how these can help you, visit our Features and Benefits page.

Investment Basics

An investment is the purchase of an asset such as a stock or bond where the reasons for parting with your money are more compelling than the alternatives. Your portfolio is a bucket of assets owned.  It is designed to transfer your purchasing power to the future.  The sum of income plus gains earned by your investments, while keeping risk in check, is your reward.

For an overview click Investment Basics. On the other hand, to learn more about these topics, click on the title.

Investment Philosophy

Visit our Investment Philosophy page to learn how SCM’s wayis right for you.

Modern Portfolio Theory

SCM’s style is based on the concept of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). MPT says you can build portfolios to max expected return at your desired risk. Controlled risk is an integral part a your reward. Visit our MPT page to learn how SCM integrates MPT into our investment approach and how we can work together.

Planning Guide

SCM can be key partner to help manage your finances. Visit the SCM Planning Guide, based on courses taught by its founder/CEO at UCLA, for help in planning. See how SCM can set you on a reasoned path to achieve your goals.