SCM Newsroom Features

Here are some features of SCM Newsroom.


  • SCM Market Strategist Journal is a compilation of economic data, analysis and commentary used to form Simpson Capital‘s opinion of the current investment environment for clients and the general public
  • Fiduciary Responsibility Forum is a discussion of fiduciary duty in the investment advisory profession highlighting the Department of Labor’s April, 2016 announcement of new rules on how stockbrokers render investment advice.

Forecast Surveys

The US Economic Forecast section is a compilation of several reports and commentary resulting from SCM quarterly public economic forecast survey. The Survey is presented separately on annual and quarterly basis’s. The full survey including the individual source forecasts is available on request.

Quarterly Newsletter

SCM Newsroom publishes the Quarterly Market Review newsletter for our clients and general public. The Review provides commentary on US and global investment environment, reviews capital market indices, analyzes industrial sectors, presents results of SCM’s Quarterly Survey of Economic Forecasts and articulates SCM’s investment philosophy. It is published on our website and available in .pdf file form. The website has an archive of prior issues.

Special Publications

Special Reports are whitepapers addressing current economic and financial themes.

Public Speaking and Writing

Lecture Topics include Personal Financial Planning, Investment Basics, Mutual Funds, CFA Exam preparation and Security Analysis. Click here for a list of Lecture Topics.

  • Speaking Engagements- SCM is available for speaking to groups on economic- or investment-related Lecture Topics.
  • Guest Copy WritingSCM is available to write economic- or investment-related copy for print or online.

Press Releases

See Press Release section for latest releases

Media Relations

If you are a journalist and would like to

  • request investment– or economic-related data
  • addition to our press distribution list
  • have questions about Simpson Capital
  • request a Press Kit

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with SCM Newsroom at (949) 495-7922.

SCM Newsroom