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Simpson Capital uses research and analysis to understand and describe the investment environment by forming a market insight outlook of the political economic landscape. Sometimes SCM may come up with an insight after a long period of thought, or suddenly out of thin air.

Once SCM has a feel for the bigger picture, it applies these themes to the layers of economic activity at the micro-economics levels. An outlook is developed for each of the ten industrial sectors comprising the market by discerning factor patterns. Individual stocks are followed in three tracking lists ranging from a universe of one hundred stocks down to the best in each sector..

market insight

Issue selection selection for your holdings are drawn from these lists after diligent consideration and followed carefully for any changes in initial assumptions.  Decisions are made broadly across all of SCM’s portfolios rather than isolated buy/hold decisions.

The research and opinion of these outlooks are presented in this Market Insight section through blogs and research reports.


  • SCM Market Strategist Journal is economic data and commentary used to form SCM‘s opinion of the current environment for clients and the general public. It consists of market observations, forecast surveys, industrial sector, quarterly newsletters, special reports and major market indices tables.
  • Fiduciary Forum is a discussion of fiduciary duty in the investment advisory profession highlighting the Department of Labor’s April, 2016 announcement of new rules on how stockbrokers render investment advice
  • Wealth Planning News is spot where things relate to improving your wealth..

Forecast Surveys

  • US Forecast surveys are reports and commentary gathered from public forecasts. The Survey is presented on annual and quarterly basis’s for clear insight. The SCM Full Survey is available on request.
  • SCM Sector Outlook is a look of the ten sector outlooks of stocks. The sectors are stand alone.
  • Security Selection (on request) : Followed Report tracks our one hundred stocks of interest, culled from about a two thousand firm universe of large- and mid-sized stocks. The Advantage List narrows down our top three picks in each of the sectors. Frontline Focus list gives a clear insight in our top choice for each sector.

Report Access: To access this reports above, hover over the Market Insight menu choice above and select the report or click the hyperlinks in the text.

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