Lecture Topics List

This section lists the Lecture Topics available for public speaking and writing.

David Simpson taught as an Instructor in UCLA’s Anderson School of Management (University of California, Los Angeles) (1998-2005). Below are the course titles and lecture topics.

Introduction to Investments for Professionals

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  1. Creation of financial assets
  2. Security markets
  3. Sources of information
  4. Risk and portfolio theory
  5. Investment companiesLecture Topics
  6. The valuation of common stock
  7. Rates of return on common stock investments
  8. Common stock dividends
  9. Fundamental approach to selecting stocks
  10. Analysis of financial statements for selecting stocks
  11. Technical analysis of stocks
  12. The bond market
  13. The valuation of fixed income securities
  14. Government securities
  15. Convertible securities
  16. Options
  17. Investing in foreign securities
  18. Portfolio planning, management, and evaluation

Survey of Personal Financial Planning

  1. The Data Questionnaire
  2. Methods of Protecting Current Assets
    1. Property and Casualty Assets
    2. Life Insurance
    3. Disability Insurance
    4. Health Insurance
  3. Short and Long Term Objectives
  4. Essentials of Budgeting
  5. Investments
    1. Common Stocks
    2. Bonds
    3. Mutual Funds
    4. Tax-favored Plans
    5. Real Estate
  6. Income Tax Planning
  7. Retirement Planning
    1. IRA’s
    2. Keogh’s
    3. Pension Plans
    4. Profit Sharing Plans
    5. Government Programs
  8. Estate Planning
    1. Wills
    2. Trusts
  9. Planning and the Legal Environment

Mutual Funds

  1. Investment Strategy and Returns of Mutual Funds
  2. Equity Mutual Funds
  3. Bond and International Mutual Funds
  4. Mutual Fund Performance Fundamentals
  5. Fund Mechanics and Mid-term Examination
  6. Factors of Fund Performance
  7. Fund Industry Philosophy
  8. Mutual Fund Operations
  9. The Mutual Fund Industry in the Next Century

Security Analysis

  1. The Investment Setting
  2. The Asset Allocation Decision
  3. Selecting Investments in a Global Market
  4. Organization and Functioning of Securities Markets
  5. Security-Market Indicator Series
  6. Sources of Information
  7. Efficient Capital Markets
  8. An Introduction of Asset Pricing Models
  9. Analysis of Financial Statements
  10. Macroeconomics and Market Analysis: The Global Asset Allocation Decision
  11. An Introduction to Security Valuation
  12. The Analysis and Valuation of Bonds
  13. Bond Fundamentals
  14. Stock-Market Analysis
  15. Industry Analysis
  16. Company Analysis and Stock Selection
  17. Evaluation of Portfolio Performance
  18. Professional Asset Management

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