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Investing is intricate but not rocket science. Since 1999, Simpson Capital Management, a Laguna Niguel investment advisor, has concentrated on providing long-term returns with focus on your goals.

Welcome to the official site of Simpson Capital Management (SCM). We are an independent registered investment advisor.

Our Vision

Make the process fruitful and ‘user friendly

Our Mission

  • develop your plan
  • then, explain how they work in simple terms
  • finally, put it to work

SCM offers its fee-only services to all types of investors. Simpson Capital’s service is like hiring a personal pilot for your journey through unfamiliar waters. Instead of travelling alone, we

  • design your portfolio
  • then, select the holdings
  • finally, place trades in your account

In other words, tell us where you want to go and leave the driving to us.

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Contact us with questions-  Office (949) 495-7922 or email david@simpsoncapital.com.