Investing is intricate but not rocket science. Since 1999, Simpson Capital Management has concentrated on providing favorable, steady returns for long-term investors with a focus tailored to our client’s specific needs using balanced portfolios and comprehensive research.

Welcome to the official site of Simpson Capital Management (SCM), an independent registered investment advisor. Our vision is to make the investment process fruitful and ‘user friendly’ for our clients, thus adding value to their pursuit of hopes and dreams.

Our mission is to develop customized strategies, clearly communicate the strategic elements and efficiently execute these strategies with traditional stock and bond portfolios. SCM offers its fee-only services to first-time and sophisticated investors.

Simpson Capital’s services are like hiring a personal guide and driver for a journey through unfamiliar terrain, instead of having to going it alone. SCM designs the allocation framework and makes the individual stock, bond and fund picks to match your objectives. Then, SCM places trades on your behalf in an account held in your name at a large institution such as Charles Schwab and monitors the outcome. In other words, tell us where you want to go and leave the driving to us.

Overviews of SCM’s investment approach, insights, services, and firm information are found by clicking on the section title in the menu above. Explore more detailed corners of the site such as current markets blog, a financial planning guideeconomic forecasts, and open an account by hovering over the section title and then selecting desired item, or clicking on contextual links highlighted in blue.

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