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Schwab Institutional Gateway

SCM’s service is good for all types of investors large or small, young or old, rich or not so rich and individuals or institutions. This trait is based on the way SCM uses to treat your holdings as a whole rather than bundling ideas and techniques. For more on how this approach is right for you, visit our Philosophy and Theory pages. Also, below are several Features & Benefits which sets SCM apart.

Fee Only Advice

SCM is a fee-only advisor. SCM does not accept fees based on product sales and does not offer you our own products. Fee-only advisors help reduce conflicts of interest by the way we earn our fee and what we choose. Fees are based on your month-end account balances and billed quarterly at a fixed rate for the prior three months. Also, SCM and your interests are aligned– SCM is rowing in the same direction with you because SCM’s fee only rises when your account grows.

Highest Pro Standard

SCM maintains a fiduciary responsibility to you. This duty means SCM provides advice while putting your interests ahead of our own. Also, SCM takes care to avoid misleading you and provides full and fair disclosure of all facts to clients and prospects. To learn more about this duty, visit our Fiduciary Forum blog.

Goal Based Process

SCM‘s accounts are focused on meeting your personal goals for the long-term.  These goals include needed return types (growth or current income),  and risk. SCM designs your account to perform in all economic environment types, like a boat built to withstand all conditions.

In developing customized Account Guidelines, your changing short- and long-term goals are factored with the risk and return profile of your holdings.  SCM uses its special Strategies to fold in your goals with market outlooks. Risk is controlled by watching stock concentration, industrial sector allocation, global exposure and firm size.

Complete Research

SCM forms an opinion about the future outlook through study of keys and forecasts. The areas of study include global, domestic industrial sector and single stock picks. Also, visit our SCM Market Journal for our current look on the outlook. Single issue picks are based on issuer quality and market leadership in growing sectors. Also, visit our Research page to see how our attention to detail works for you.


Ongoing Pro Advice

SCM’s service extends beyond managing assets. Helping with your affairs involves a broad skill set, including setting goals, planning, organization and record keeping. Other skills include asset mix, periodic checks, and factor explaining. Also, visit our firm’s About Us page to learn about our skill set.


Third Party Held Assets

SCM is your main contact and works with the keeper of your holdings. Your holdings are held at Charles Schwab. This Gateway will get you there. Charles Schwab is a major third-party firm. Schwab is responsible for handling accounts such as opening new accounts, executing trades, processing payments and reporting including trade confirms, monthly statements and yearly tax reports. Schwab has a special team supporting SCM. For backup, you can contact Schwab directly through a call or access your account online.